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Sometimes the first popular innovations in certain technologies fades away.


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Vinyl Siding

Sometimes, as in the case of Vinyl Siding, the technology becomes the gold standard against which all other innovations are measured. Vinyl Siding is attractive, durable, tough, versatile, and can be installed directly onto rough installation, or affixed atop another preexisting surface. Any way you want to use it, Vinyl Siding can add value and long-lasting protection to the exterior of your beautiful home.

Whether you’re looking to install vinyl siding on a brand new home in the hopes of keeping your home in pristine condition for years to come, or you’re looking to replace your home’s current exterior with beautiful vinyl siding, Ridgeland Construction has the experience, the skill, and man-power to install or replace your vinyl siding. Ridgeland Construction vinyl siding installation always comes with the Ridgeland Guarantee, as well as years of proven success with construction and remodeling in the West Georgia area. We would love to help you realize your vinyl siding dreams!

Even if you aren’t sure exactly what kind of siding or exterior you’d like to adorn your abode with, the Ridgeland professionals can help guide you through every step of the selection process. The possibilities are endless, but they don’t have to be overwhelming! Our experts would love to help you decide what options fit your needs, your aesthetic desires, and your price range! We aren’t just experts in installing beautiful vinyl siding, we’re also experts in helping you choose the best vinyl siding for your home!

If you’re still deciding if Vinyl Siding is for you, here are some items to consider:

  • Vinyl Siding can eliminate the need for continual re-painting
  • Vinyl Siding can offer additional insulation for your home
  • High-quality siding, like polyvinyl chloride, lasts exponentially longer than other exteriors
  • The manufacturer warranty on your vinyl siding might tell you what kind of longevity to expect, especially when compared to other home exterior products

As with most building materials, getting the right people to install your vinyl siding can be as important to the long-lasting quality and beauty of your home’s exterior as choosing the best vinyl siding materials to start with. Ridgeland Construction and Remodeling stands firmly behind every job we do. Call or contact us today, and discover the Ridgeland difference!

Adding Vinyl Siding to a house
cutting Vinyl Siding to the right size
cutting Vinyl Siding to the right size
Vinyl Siding laying on the ground
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“5 Stars. Sam and his crew were awesome. Very professional and respectful. They cleaned up everything when they were finished. They also showed up on time every day…something that is hard to find now days. We have referred them many times.”

~Mike McCrary
Satisfied West Georgia Resident