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Bricks and mortar. A fresh coat of paint. These things used to be the benchmark of keeping your home looking beautiful and new, as well as keeping it protected from the elements. These days, more and more West Georgia residents utilize high-quality siding to keep their home looking sharp. And why not? It looks good. It protects great. And it seems to do both of those things for much longer than many other residential exteriors. Siding has been a major innovation in the residential construction industry, and is very likely to be around for a long, long time.

Maybe you’re a homeowner who enjoys the sleek-looks and easy care of vinyl siding. Or perhaps you enjoy the nostalgia and charm of cedar siding. And there are many who enjoy the benefits of the ever-popular and beautiful fiber cement siding. Regardless of what kind of siding you prefer, or if you really even have a standing preference for the style of your exterior siding, you should always work with siding companies who specialize in the things you’re passionate about…like keeping your home looking great for years to come. Get your siding installation done from professionals who will do it right the first time!

Ridgeland Construction and Remodeling has been one of West Georgia’s go-to siding companies since the first day they opened for business. You won’t find another set of professionals who bring the skill, expertise, and pride into every single Siding Installation job like the pros from Ridgeland. Whether you’re looking for siding for a new home, you’re looking to cover another exterior material with beautiful, long-lasting siding, or you need a total siding replacement, Ridgeland can help with your next siding installation adventures!

Ridgeland is your #1 Choice for Siding in any style, including these standard styles, and more!

Vinyl Siding


Fiber Cement

one of our Siding Companies dding sidding to a house
one of our Siding Companies at work
one of our Siding Companies adding sidding to a house
One of our Siding Companies adding sidding to a house
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“5 Stars. Sam and his crew were awesome. Very professional and respectful. They cleaned up everything when they were finished. They also showed up on time every day…something that is hard to find now days. We have referred them many times.”

~Mike McCrary
Satisfied West Georgia Resident