Sometimes, it’s really good to see the light! But seeing the sunlight come through your roof is NOT what we would call a good thing.


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If you need a roof replacement, the longer you wait, the worse it can get. There’s absolutely no harm in a free assessment from a professional! Ridgeland Construction and Remodeling has proven to be a trusted, honest advocate for many West Georgia homeowners, as proved by their beautifully restored homes.

It doesn’t take very long for small roofing problems to become much bigger, and much costlier to repair. Unfortunately, some West Georgia residents choose to ignore roof leaks and roofing damage until the situation becomes so dire, that major repairs are needed in order just to keep their house from completely eroding! But that’s not who you are! You’re a savvy, hard-working homeowner who knows that nipping a small problem in the bud can keep it from becoming a huge problem down the road.

You know that having a potential roofing problem professionally assessed at the first real sign of trouble could quite literally save you thousands of dollars in repair or replacement costs, and could literally salvage the integrity of your entire home.

Left unattended, small roofing problems can become huge!

Here are some signs that your roof may need a free expert assessment from our committed professionals:

  • Worn out or faded shingles
  • Curling, cupped, or chipping shingle edges
  • Cracking shingles
  • Missing shingles (especially in roof valleys)
  • Slick spots on shingles where granules used to be
  • Your roof is 2 or more decades old
  • Increased Airborne Growth, like Algae or other dark-streaked growth
  • Stubborn, Spreading Moss that just won’t go away

Not sure if you need roofing repairs, a partial roof replacement, or a totally new roof replacement? Let our experts help you assess the status of YOUR roof, and avoid any further long term damage to your home. So don’t delay! Call for your free roofing assessment from Ridgeland today!

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“5 Stars. Sam and his crew were awesome. Very professional and respectful. They cleaned up everything when they were finished. They also showed up on time every day…something that is hard to find now days. We have referred them many times.”

~Mike McCrary
Satisfied West Georgia Resident