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For custom home builders in rural West Georgia who really care about YOUR new home, look no further than Ridgeland Construction and Remodeling.


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Custom Home Builders

For years, folks have trusted the Ridgeland name for their most coveted home renovation, restoration, and remodeling jobs. But did you know that Ridgeland Construction is also among western GA’s most outstanding custom home builders? The professionals from Ridgeland have the skill, experience, and expertise to make your custom home dreams come true.

Most Custom Home Builders are not really willing to “custom home builders” in the true definition of the word. To meet the goals and expectations of our valuable West Georgia future homeowners, Ridgeland Construction has learned to do one thing that most home builders truly don’t do: Listen.

If we are insistent about what we intend to give you, our most valued clients, then we shouldn’t be allowed to call ourselves “Custom Home Builders.” If each home we build comes out looking the exact same, or only maintains a slight variance of 3-4 patterns of homes, we should remove ‘custom’ from our title. But at Ridgeland, we pride ourselves on truly listening to what our customers want in a new custom home, and we go to every effort to not just meet your custom home expectations, but to exceed them throughout every step of your new home project! Call or contact Ridgeland Construction and Remodeling for a consultation regarding custom home building, or any other residential construction needs. Or call and schedule a free estimate at your location! We can’t wait to hear from you!

The frame of a new church in Carrollton.
A man doing his job in Carrollton.
the outside of this new Church in Carrollton.
A man doing his job in Carrollton.
the outside of this new Church in Carrollton.
The frame of a new church in Carrollton.
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“I really felt like the Ridgeland guys, Will and Sam especially, really took in everything we said from start to finish. They were smart enough to be able to say ‘hey, that might look awesome but it will cost you this much.’ They didn’t just say ‘no, that won’t work’ or ‘no, you can’t afford that.’ They really, actually, listened.”

Madison W.
West Georgia Homeowner