Do you have a roof leak? Has the latest West Georgia storm season ripped up your roofing tile?


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Have years of beating rain, blaring sun, and battering winds caused the integrity of your roof to slowly erode?

Have you noticed pooling water on certain roof spots? Are the tips of your roof tiles beginning to curl up more and more? Did a previous owner use a cut-rate roofing service that left you with a less-than-desirable roofing inheritance? Would you know if you have a major roofing problem ahead?

Regardless of how your roofing problems may have started, it’s in your best interest to get your roof inspected, and repaired or replaced as soon as you possibly can. Left untreated, even minor roof damage can cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage to your attic, your gutters, your exterior and interior walls, your electrical system, your floors, and even your home’s foundation.

Roofing Maintenance is difficult for most homeowners, especially if you don’t have the equipment, time, or desire to regularly climb up on your roof and scout your situation. Some roof repair needs are obvious. Some aren’t. That’s why smart homeowners seek the help of professionals, like the pros from Ridgeland Construction and Remodeling!

The professionals at Ridgeland are your #1 West Georgia based resource for all your Roofing Repair Needs! No other Villa Rica, Carrollton, Temple, or Bremen Roof Repair Company can offer exactly what Ridgeland can offer you! In addition to our vast experience, and amazing track record of successful residential Roof Repairs, Ridgeland doesn’t consider your job done until you are completely satisfied. In fact, we won’t take a single dollar from you until then! No down payments. No up-front material costs. Just good, honest service from hard-working, blue-blooded construction and home remodeling experts.

It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s what makes us Ridgeland Construction and Remodeling. Call or contact us today for a Free Estimate or for a Roof Inspection, and get ahead of the rising costs of untreated Roof Repair Needs. We’re here for you and your family!

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“5 Stars. Sam and his crew were awesome. Very professional and respectful. They cleaned up everything when they were finished. They also showed up on time every day…something that is hard to find now days. We have referred them many times.”

~Mike McCrary
Satisfied West Georgia Resident